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Lubricants, Fluids & Replaceables

Component or System Specification Recommended by Mad Mole Volume
Engine Oil # -20 to over +40 C Ford Multigrade Super Engine SAE 10W30 API/SG/CD
# -20 to over +40 C XR+ High-performance High lubricity SAE 10W40 API/SG/CD
# -30 to over 40 C Semi-synthetic and Synthetic SAE 5W40 API/SG/CD
# 40 to below -30 C Ford Multigrade Super Engine SAE 5W30 API/SG/CD
Mobil Rally 1 (0W-40)

Or any oil with a W rating of 5 or below. If you use 10W oil you will get valve clatter on start up as the oil is too thick

5W-30 is the best general Spec

Ford have changed their specifications many times over the years

# Engine oil, initial fill incl. filter 4.50L
# Engine oil, oil change incl. filter 4.25L
# Engine oil, oil change excl. filter 3.75L
Manual Gearbox Oil Gear oil to Ford specification ESD-M2C-186-A Castrol Dextron III. Or ANY Automatic Transmission Fluid. Do not use Hypoy 2.6 litres
Automatic Gearbox Oil Gear oil to Ford specification ESP-M2C-166-H Castrol Dextron III Total 7.2L, 3.6L drain & refill
Power Steering Gear oil to Ford specification ESP-M2C-166-H Castrol Dextron III
Cooling System Soft/Distilled water with Antifreeze to Ford specification ESD-M87B-49-A

1.061 s.g at 15C. 40% antifreeze to 60% water

Bluecol with Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water. I mix 50/50 6.6L manual, 7.1L automatic
Braking System Hydraulic Fluid to Ford specification ESD-M6C-57-A, Super DOT 4 Comma DOT 5.1
Screen Wash
Halford Super Concentrated Screen wash, 50% mix and Mixra Spray (good stuff)
Fuel RON 95 or above Unleaded Shell Optimax 61.5 litres
Oil Filter Champion C102 Piper (DO NOT use FRAM)
Air Filter Champion U618 None, get a K&N 57i kit
Fuel Filter Champion L218 Change every other service
Spark Plugs Champion RE7YCC (these are crap!!) NGK PTR5A-13 051 Platinum
HT Leads Ford, 1-3-4-2 firing order, 1 at timing belt end Splitfire
Wiper Blade Drivers Side Champion X5303 Bosch 21S
Wiper Blade Passenger Side Champion X5103 Bosch 20S
Wiper Blade Tailgate Champion X5103 Bosch 20
Tyre Pressure Normally laden Front 2.1bar, 31 psi Rear 2.1bar, 31 psi Front 28 psi, rear 32 psi
Tyre Pressure Loaded or high speed Front 2.4bar, 35 psi Rear 2.8bar, 41 psi Front 32 psi, rear 38 psi


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